Amager Beach Park and the Dark Silver Lining

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Jonathan Jones
4. Term, Lighting Design (Master Programme)
This project is about making lighting adapt to the darkness rather
than conquer it.
During walks to the beach it came to my attention that the lighting in
certain zones of Amager Beach Park (ABP) were lacking any form of
immediate lighting. From a survey by the Amager East Local
Committee it was possible to see that I was far from the only one that
had thoughts on that matter. Yet those whom were concerned about
darkness were also concerned about the amount of light they would
be exposed to.
Through gathering theory about lighting design and how we
perceive light, the project continued into the analysis phase. An
analysis of ABP was done according to the historical and
architectural aspects, while a categorisation of the current users was
taken in order to define a user group to design towards.
Using qualitative analysis of similar projects, observations, and
analysis of the current light conditions, a research Question arose:
“To what extent can a lighting design preserve the night views, while
enhancing the level of orientation for slow movers throughout Amager
To do this some design experiments were completed on the different
aspects of the lighting e.g. angle of the light source, intensity. These
were done according to the design criteria.
The final design was a composition of the results from the different
design experiments and the design concept. A line of light that
guides through darkness in a way that enables the visitor to view its
surroundings, while at the same time perceiving other visitors as
they traverse through the darkness momentarily exposing
themselves in narrow beams of light. The same light would enable
the visitor a sense of scale to the path in the darkness.
Publication date27 Nov 2017
Number of pages85
ID: 265280615