Albertslund New Youth Library

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Anne Prehn Krabbe Skousen
  • Sweta Zala Madsen
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
This application outlines the proposal for the new youth library in Albertslund municipality as a project for a master thesis for the Department of Architecture and Design at Aalborg University. It finds its point of inception based on the proposed local plan and Udviklingsstrategi for Dagtilbud (Development Strategy for Day Care) 2016-2022, which focuses on developing a part of the city for children to promote learning, understanding, and integration of various cultural backgrounds as well as fulfilling set DGNB criteria to contribute to more sustainable development in the building sector.The library proposal raises the question of whether it’s possible to combine measurable (DGNB-criteria) and unmeasurable (Gesture & Principle) matters into a design that sparks curiosity, activity, and interaction. Furthermore, it should promote social interaction among children from different backgrounds to support easier integration, strengthen the community, and provide social sustainability. The project focuses on the current increasing immigrant population and evident lower grades among the children at the school within the municipality. This library will provide a platform for children where they can come together and develop their social and interpersonal skills. Here they can explore, get inspired and innovate, learn about different cultures and communities they are part of through the sensible design of reflective and interactive community spaces.
Publication date26 May 2021
Number of pages173
ID: 412855785