• Gilbert Ekane Mesue
“Aid, Private Sector Development and the Poverty Challenge” digs into and unveils, how and with what results ideology and strategy of foreign Aid could be seen as barriers to PSD and consequently a challenge to poverty. It is a rethinking of theory and concept that underlie Aid within PSD and Poverty from the perspective of the PRSP. The unbridled argumentation pursued oscillates around three research itineraries: (1). It critical assesses the reality and coherence of the content of Aid to PSD and presents the impact of that realignment on poverty - the way in which the constitutive elements of knowledge-based Aid towards PSD is helping to address the scourge of poverty; (2). Attempts are made to clarify and integrate some of the ways in which scholars on and conceptual positions of aid agencies have conceived of international interventions and agency within PSD. This is based on the neoliberal perspective, within the wider IPE, discourses and the theory of autonomy - respecting help; (3). The presentations of the conceptual understanding of poverty and PSD and how it relates to a sample case of knowledge - based Aid. The case study is about the Cameroon PRSP for 2003. Cameroon has been and remains a poor country, but at the crossroads of harnessing its enormous potentials. Inside this thesis, G. Ekane Mesue, argues that the pursuit of the PRSP 2003 without elaborate modifications would make the fight to overcome poverty a Herculean one. These modifications should be sooner than later. The asymmetries within the global political economy are not particularly helpful and to this is added an erosion of morals. Local entrepreneurial spirit could better the results but there is need of a better client-donor dialogue. The project is not a definitive word on a scary anomaly. It is hoped that field research (participant observer, questionnaires and interviews) will go further to be truth - finding consistent. Any one who stumbles on this thesis should, if possible, help in taking up this challenge, remembering that poverty is the heart and soul of Development and International Relations.
Publication date2008
Publishing institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 14577244