• Michal Grzymski
4. term, Service Systems Design, Master (Master Programme)
The goal of this thesis is to research the topic of integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into design processes and answer the question of whether this novel technol- ogy can assist human designers with expediting their work, cutting down on the repetitiveness of certain tasks, and overall argumentation of their design processes. Through desk and quantitative research, various applications for this technology are found and later interwoven into various stages of the design process. The collection of said applications is encapsulated in a series of use cases, combined with a dia- gram indicating its relevance at various stages of the design process; together, they form an AI-augmented Design Process model. Furthermore, this dissertation puts a strong emphasis on the issue of human-AI cooperation and its implications for both the discipline of human-centred design, as well ethical considerations that surround them. Moreover, a division of tasks which can be performed by human designers with the assistance of AI versus tasks which should be left entirely to humans is made. Finally, the solution is evaluated by design practitioners to research its real- world application and relevance. The final version of the developed toolkit, along with various reflections, is presented.
Publication date23 May 2023
Number of pages115
ID: 530230408