Drainage system for a motorway approach system

Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  • Sune Ravn
7. term, Civil Engineering (Diploma Programme)
This project concerns the design of a drainage system for a motorway approach system.
The approach system is part of a new municipal road in Aalborg, Denmark. The road runs from Hadsund landevej between Gistrup and Sdr. Tranders. It then runs West,
south of Gug to highway E 45. the existing
approach system at highway E 45 is to be
converted to handle future trac.
The project is divided into three parts. The
rst part consists of a conceptual design. Based on topography and road geometry the
facility is divided by watershed. The volume of each reservoir is calculated based on
the total catchment area separated by the
In the project's second part the drainage system for one catchment area in the approach system is designed. The size of the main
pipes is calculated for all parts of the road
and to the outlet.
In the last part of the project it is documented by computer model, that the drainage
system complies with the applicable design
SpecialisationWater and Environment
Publication date31 Jan 2016
Number of pages68
ID: 225450126