• Jesper Kirkegaard Jensen
  • Kasper Laugesen
  • Kasper Jessen
  • Signe Møller Mortensen
4. semester, Sustainable Energy Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
As the demand for clean energy is rising, new technologies are developed. One of these new technologies is the floating offshore wind turbine (FOWT). These can be placed at locations where the sea is too deep for wind turbines with bottom fixed foundations. However by making the foundation floating, additional dynamics will be introduced into the system and thus lead to more complex systems. This calls for more precise and validated models. These models include hydrodynamics, structural dynamics, aerodynamics, servo dynamics, the coupling between these and the control system.
In this thesis two fully coupled mathematical models of the AAUE-TLP will be presented; one in the CAE tool FAST and one Simulink model developed throughout the thesis. The AAUE-TLP is a fully functional physical scaled model of a FOWT developed by the authors. Parts of some of the mathematical models will be found through simple experiments done on the AAUE-TLP, other will be purely theoretical. All models will be tested and validated through more advanced experiments on the AAUE-TLP. One control system for the generator and one control system for the pitching system will be designed and tested on the AAUE-TLP.
Publication date6 Jun 2018
Number of pages420
ID: 280504562