AERITY: Indoor Air Qualty

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Niels Nielsen
  • Nakita Nedrud Hjorth Pedersen
  • Madalina Mindru
4. term, Industrial Design (, Master (Master Programme)
This project is developed by a team of final year students from Industrial Design at Aalborg University during the spring of 2016.
Focus during this project has been on indoor climate and air quality. The project took departure from humidity problems men changed direction when the team discovered the invisible and even more dangerous parameters as volatile organic compounds, CO2 and particulate matter. These parameters are all invisible and it is very hard to determine whether the level is in the human comfort zone or above, which can cause severe health affections. The project is based on expert knowledge, test performed by the members of the team, mock-ups, interviews, surveys and validated data from well acknowledged scientists. The result is a multi-functional furniture, which cleans the air by using natural elements as plants and activated bamboo charcoal. The product addresses to anyone who are interested in improving the indoor climate - for use private and public use.
Publication date25 May 2016
Number of pages115
ID: 234013563