• mads dahl
3 year, Master of Health Informatics (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
Elderly peoples usage of the internet for health information’s. The knowledge society sees knowledge as the solution to global, national, and personal problems often without differentiating knowledge. With access to the internet we have access to the largest knowledge database in the world, but do elderly people use it? The focus of this report is to evaluate whether elderly Danes use the internet to seek knowledge on health information. The study was conducted among Danes over 60 years of age as a combined observation and interview study. The theoretical foundation of the study was a constructivistic evaluation of the problem domain using SWOT analysis and grounded theory. The results showed that elderly people can learn to use information technology and thus experience empowerment. Furthermore the study showed that the parameters: interest, attitude, competency, trust and general health could influence the elderly people’s usage of the internet in relation to health information.
Publication date2007
Number of pages70
Publishing institutionÅlborg Universitet
ID: 9759382