Advanced Power Control for UTRAN LTE UL

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Nestor Quintero Goncalves
Single Carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access (SC-FDMA) is the access scheme chosen by 3GPP for uplink UTRAN Long Term Evolution project. As SC-FDMA provides intra-cell orthogonality, one of the main reasons for performance degradation is the inter-cell interference. This degradation is accentuated by the frequency reuse factor of 1 deployed in the system, which makes the Power Control (PC) functionality a critical issue. Recently, a PC formula containing an open loop and a closed loop component has been standardized. The open loop power control (OLPC) compensates for slow varying pathloss and shadowing, while the closed loop power control (CLPC) implementation is vendor specific and still under research. It allows to compensate for fast variations and manage the interference. In this thesis, the OLPC is studied in detail to obtain a reference performance, then two CLPC techniques are proposed with the aim of improving it. All techniques are implemented on a static simulator that models slow variations. The comparison of the result among the different techniques is carried out by considering key performance indicators like the cell outage and cell throughput. The results show a gain compared to the OLPC of up to 22 % of in outage user throughput with a 5 % in cell. Alternatively, it is possible to tune the parameters of the proposed techniques to obtain more gain in cell at the cost of a reduction of the gain in outage.
Publication date2008
Number of pages95
Publishing institutionAalborg University
ID: 14523968