• Timea Kovacs
4. term, Tourism, Master (Master Programme)
In the past two decades, numerous travel technology tools have emerged to aid both tourists and industry stakeholders in better planning. These tools have formed new interrelations between technology, tourism, and society. The present study explores the interrelations between a travel technology tool initiated by a Spanish organization of housekeeping workers, Las Kellys, and socio-political issues of working conditions in the travel sector. To achieve this, it employs exploratory research with a mixed methods design.
Findings from the interview with the Spanish association and survey responses collected from hotel employees in management positions reveal complex layers of the investigated matter. The Las Kellys booking platform is set to list hotels only if they meet criteria in relation to labour regulations. Criteria proposed touch upon the most important challenges identified in working conditions of hotel staff. Additionally, the association has a high union presence within hotels, which is considered by Las Kellys among the key factors for the potential success of the initiative. Nonetheless, the analysis indicates that factors regarding the approach taken toward hoteliers and potential inequity risks for non-listed hotel businesses must be taken into careful consideration.
It is important to note, however, that the booking site at the time of conducting this research is still under development, therefore, only a partial understanding of the investigated issue may have been achieved. Nonetheless, the study provides a new academic angle within digital tourism studies and calls for further research on the matter.
Publication date29 May 2022
Number of pages36
ID: 471614712