Interaktion i et foto-realistisk virtuelt miljø

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Esben Knudsen Dahl Jensen
  • Peter Pozza Hjørland
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
The intention with this thesis is to design a framework which considers the connection between technology and cross modal feedback, studying human behaviour while acting in VE. The interface prototype is intended to overwrite the stimuli from the physical location with photorealistic audio visual stimuli from a remote location, enabling an experience of presence answering the problem stated as: “How does the possibility to manipulate objects and collaborate in a Photo Realistic VE influence the presence?” The intention is to create the interface informed by activity theory applying new methodology in data gathering and analysis to provide a better understanding of the feeling of presence. As an overall conclusion of the interview with the test participants is that they were in control and able to cognitively adjust to the VE, showing interest by exploring the VE and testing the affordance of the system. The visual quality was not to a degree that caused distractions, though a few commented on this. Furthermore the participants had fun and felt proficient in moving and interaction with the VE commenting during the test their sense of presence.
Publication date2009
Number of pages102
Publishing institutionAAU, Medialogy
ID: 17689759