• Xiaming Li
4. term, Global Refugee Studies, Master (Master Programme)
With the increase in the number of Chinese students in Denmark, it is necessary to investigate their experiences in acculturating into the Danish educational system and Danish society. In this thesis, semi-structured interviews with six Chinese international students studying in Denmark are conducted for the qualitative study of Chinese students’ acculturation experience in Denmark. Based on Berry’s stress and coping framework, this thesis applies the literature of acculturation theory and the studies of Chinese international students to analyze the main difficulties that Chinese students encounter in Denmark and their corresponding coping strategies, together with the characteristics of the host society and their society of origin from Chinese students’ perceptions.

The findings suggest that the main difficulties that Chinese student face in their acculturation in Danish society are language barriers, difficulties in learning and social-cultural interaction, as well as on and off-campus discrimination. Chinese students often cope with these difficulties by the utilization of Internet and mobile application services, university resources and services, and the help from their main social supports that range from their family in China, peers in Denmark, to friendly locals and public institutions. It shows that most Chinese students view the cultural differences between China and Denmark as a reason for many difficulties in the acculturation process, and they mostly show positive attitudes towards these difficulties.
Publication date2020
ID: 381664692