• Søren Munkholm
  • Dennis Husum Mikkelsen
4. Term, Master of Pain Science and Multidisciplinary Pain (Continuing Education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
Context: It is estimated that 55,9 million incidences every year are classified as mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). No studies describe the reasons why patients seek out municipal courses for people with mTBI, or how they experience it, as well as what influence these courses have on the daily living for people with mTBI.

Objective: The purpose of this study is to investigate the reasons for seeking out municipal courses for people with mTBI, how they experience this, and how it affects their daily living.

Method: This is a qualitative study with a retrospective focus that contains data from seven informants. All data collected are based on seven semi-structured interviews, as well as data on person characteristics, socioeconomic factors and the questionnaire Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale-42 (DASS-42). All interviews are transcribed and condensed into meaningful units and analyzed across all informants and compared with person characteristics, socioeconomic factors, and DASS-42.

Results: All the informants in this study describes how the time after their mTBI is characterized by a lack of help from the primary sector, but also a lack of understanding and ability to handle daily living, including social activities, work, and their symptoms. These factors are important as to why patients with mTBI are referred to a municipal course for people with mTBI. A central theme is the informants positive experience of a course for people with mTBI, which provides them with the necessary cognitive and behavioral strategies they need to manage their daily living, including socially and professionally.

Conclusion: Patients with mTBI experience a lack of help and understanding from the primary sector. The lack of help and understanding from the primary sector has a consequence on the informants’ ability to deal with their daily living, both socially and professionally. It is only after a municipal course for people with mTBI, that the informants experience a better ability to handle daily living through cognitive and behavioral strategies. This plays a crucial part in the balance between their private and professional lives.
Publication date10 Jun 2022
Number of pages66
ID: 472509843