• Liliana Ramsing
4. term, Urban Design, Master (Master Programme)
The project is carried as a master thesis of the urban design, 4th semester M.A. program at the Faculty of Architecture & Design Aalborg University, Denmark.The thesis project is a closer look into the urban transformation of the present industrial – cargo port of Aarhus harbor in decline. The research for thesis project took place in Aarhus at the Northern Harbor and Waterfront site, as well at Aarhus Municipality on Kalkværksvej 10, Århus C.Aarhus Docklands is a municipality project to transform the present cargo Port of Northern
Harbor and Waterfront Harbor into a cultural – educational environment as an urban part of the city Centrum of Aarhus.The thesis project uses the municipality’s proposal as a background context for the final decisions in the design phase.
The aim of the project is to achieve connection and integration of urban spaces of the new cultural - educational environment at the New Central Waterfront together with the near historical city Centrum. Thus, the thesis project finalizes with a design catalogue for the urban spaces on the New Central Aarhus Waterfront and a vision plan for intervention area.
Firstly, I want to thank my supervisor, Shelley Smith for all the inspiration and supervision feedbacks I have got, and that have been a great help in the project development. I want thank as well the representatives of Planlægning og Byggeri, Teknik og Miljø Department
of Århus Municipality architects Nina Bundgaard, Niels Peter M., Peter Rohde, and civil engineer Søren Sloth Lave for their kindness to help me with the information and materials needed for the project.
Publication date4 Jan 2011
Number of pages95
ID: 43362129