"Oh no, an app" - Individual learning, in a shut down world

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Rasmus Stausgaard Jensen
In a previous project, I studied the opportunities for engaging and activating participants in a leadership course, in between their modules, where they found it problematic to hold onto their new knowledge and embed their newly learned tools in their everyday life. Through this study I faced challenges creating online material, where participants had to learn the same content, but learn it differently. Through this study, I became aware of just how important it was to organize learning outside the normal learning environments, in a way that engaged them individually, and could adapt to their specific contexts. This will be the starting point of my master’s project.
By using the mixed method Design-Based Research in the project, I search for ways to organize E- learning material, to create the best prerequisites for individual learning. Through the 4 steps in a Design-Based Research process context, lab, intervention and reflection, I will in close relations with the participants throughout the process, create a prototype, test it, evaluate and reflect, to see the opportunities of the developed prototype.
With content consisting of practicing the tool Generalized Desired State from the theory Neuro- Linguistic Programming, participants join a 7-day challenge, where they each day will be committed to practicing the tool whichever way that benefits their individual needs and knowledge. Through an online platform, the participants will be tasked with reflecting on their practice every day, considering what worked, what should be changed for the days to come and how the surroundings affected their learning.
With an analysis consisting of Illeris’ understanding and elements of learning, which will be used to gain knowledge about how the individuals learn, when forced to structure their learning and learning environments themselves, I will try to shed a light on how to understand the opportunities for individual learning in their own specific environments. Through the method of Design-Based Research, I will search for ways to accommodate the participants needs, in their specific learning context. The process will finish with an evaluation and reflection of the results, which will give an understanding of the created prototypes success, as well as future plans and possibilities for it in a larger scale.
Publication date31 May 2021
Number of pages94
ID: 413256463