A Theoretical Study of Optical Metamaterials

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Mathias Kurt Hansen
  • Rasmus Fohlmann Andersen
4. term (FYS10), Physics, Master (Master Programme)
A Matlab script has been created to calculate the reflectance and transmittance coefficients for an array of metal cylinders, for both an s-polarised and a p-polarised incident field. The reflectance and transmittance coefficients have been used to calculate the effective parameters of the metamaterial. For the s-polarised case this went well, but the p-polarised case showed that the coefficients were dependant on the material's thickness, meaning that the material could not be approximated as a bulk material, and the effective parameters could therefore not be determined. Another Matlab script was created to calculate the scattering from an array of metal cylinders, as well as a bulk material of the same size as the array, but using the effective parameters that were determined from the reflectance and transmittance coefficients. The s-polarised case showed a reasonable agreement between the scattering calculated from the array and the scattering calculated from the bulk approximation.

Chapter \ref{chap:theory} presents the relevant theory and derives the equations needed for the Matlab scripts.
Chapter \ref{chap:implementation} describes how the structures has been created in Matlab, and how the calculations were implemented.
Chapter \ref{chap:results} presents and discusses the results gathered with the Matlab scripts, starting with the effective parameters for variations on the metal array, and proceeds to test these with plots of the scattering of a similar array.
Publication date7 Jun 2018
Number of pages77
ID: 280537250