• Daniele Costantini
4. Term, Sustainable Design (M.SC) (Master Programme)
The goal of this research is to evaluate the resilience of the adopted ‘general strategy’
for the sustainability transi8on of the Danish building industry, namely the capacity of the transi8on process to withstand unexpected changes. Publicly available documents of the last twenty years about strategies, principles, guidelines, recommenda8ons, rules, and experimental projects, along with interviews from prac88oners, have been analysed through the lens of the conceptual framework Resilience of Sustainability Transi8ons. The analysis focuses on the predevelopment phase of the sustainability transi8on, corresponding to the stage it is passing through, hence where the data are available to be studied.
The analysis is carried out on a qualita8ve basis, using subjec8ve judgement of the author guided by objec8ve elements of relevance (e.g., reported topic, importance of topic, issuing ins8tu8on, 8me of publica8on) of the studied document. The results are built on non-quan8fiable informa8on extracted through the reading of those documents. The research contributes to the exis8ng knowledge around sustainability transi8ons of socio-technical systems, inves8ga8ng what factors can uphold their progress.
Publication date4 Jun 2021
Number of pages56
ID: 413820731