• Katrine Schmidt Kryger
Indonesia has an extensive history with extraction of fossil fuels. However, with a growing population and an increased international pressure to move to renewable energy, the Indonesian government has initiated several “green” projects. Much of the new potential energy stems from solar energy, particularly photovoltaic (PV) cells. This study uses a qualitative research design to investigate if the new solar PV sector is suffering from a resource curse. An extensive literature review of literature covering the fossil resource curse and other symptoms thereof revealed some useful variables, which were isolated and utilized as indicators for the analysis of the solar PV sector. The variables are Dutch disease, rent seeking, and economic volatility. Through analysis of the pre-determined variables, there was found no evidence to support a current curse. However, there was found extensive signs of an impending resource curse, which may become a reality if certain features of other energy sectors, including corruption and bureaucratic fragmentation, are not eliminated from the solar sector.
Publication date30 May 2017
Number of pages59
ID: 258655064