A reflection of our society through the eyes of an android robot

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Evgenios Vlachos
4. term, Information Science, Master (Master Programme)
Our society is experiencing a transition from the information to the robotic era. Using the facial expressions of the Geminoid|DK android robot as stimuli, we trigger our society to reveal its’ life-tasks. This work presents a blueprint of our society in this important period of time were new life-tasks are being formulated. At first I justify the fact that we have already entered the robotic era and afterwards I introduce all the different technological landscapes the robotic era has generated. Hoping that the notion of robotics will be now a bit more comprehensible, I proceed to the analysis of one of these technological landscapes, the Android Reality. The next chapter describes the method followed for collecting information about the life-tasks of our society. An online questionnaire was launched asking subjects to write in which way they could relate to the facial expressions of the android which were depicted in 15 embedded videos. Combining all the above, an Entity-Relationship model is proposed aiming to express the relationships that exist between emotions, facial expressions and life-tasks. The epilogue is dedicated to future work, including possible enhancements on the face of the Geminoid|DK for enabling it to reveal emotions in a more persuasive way and to engage actively to the world.

Keywords - Social Robots; Geminoid; Android Reality; Human-Robot Interaction; Emotions; Facial Expressions; Life-tasks;

Publication date31 May 2012
Number of pages42
ID: 63473697