• Ariya Sangwongwanich
4. term, Energy Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
With an increase of the grid-connected PV systems, an overloading in the grid may occur during the peak PV power production. In order to further enable more PV installations, the control algorithms of PV systems have to be flexible and feasible of regulating the active power in order to provide enough power capacity. This project presents one cost-effective solution by limiting the maximum feed-in power from the PV systems to a certain level by means of a Constant Power Generation (CPG) control. There are several possibilities to achieve a CPG operation, e.g. using a power/current limiter (P-/I-CPG), or modifying MPPT methods. However, the operational mode changes may challenge the system performance. Thus, a benchmarking of the CPG algorithms is provided as well as a design guideline of the most suitable high-performance algorithm to realize the constant power generation control practically.
SpecialisationPower Electronics and Drives
Publication date26 May 2015
ID: 212929780