• Emil Palmelund Voldby
  • Jonas Madsen
  • Sean Kristian Remond Harbo
4. term, Software, Master (Master Programme)
This report presents a Domain-Specific Modeling Language for System of Systems called "Abstract Communicating Systems". We give formal syntax and semantics for the modeling language. We provide a mapping to UML using a UML Profile diagram and create an Integrated Development Environment tool using Eclipse and Papyrus. We provide the source code freely.

We perform a qualitative usability test using the tool on three domain experts, they rate the tool an average of 8/10 even though the tool still has some issues. A Journal documents the process and we reflect on the process and product.

The main contribution is the realization of a new approach to System of Systems modeling.
Publication date10 Jun 2022
Number of pages146
ID: 472551100