• Daniel Bredgaard Hendriksen
  • Gustav Søgaard Jakobsen
  • Niklas Lee Skjold Hansen
  • Mads Strømberg Petersen
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
In this master thesis we propose a framework to
design a serious game in the subject of fiscal policy in
the field of social studies in Danish gymnasium. The
thesis examines how a serious game can increase
student engagement towards learning about fiscal
policy. In collaboration with N. Zahles Gymnasium,
a serious game was developed and a test consisting
of an experimental group (n=31) and a control group
(n=20) was conducted. A triangulation approach
utilizing a questionnaire inspired by the UES short
form and student and teacher interviews. The
interviews were used to measure the attitude
towards the serious game. The serious game
significantly increased student engagement, but no
meaningful difference in learning outcome between
the experimental and control groups was observed.
Future work includes a more evenly distributed
balance between elements of fun and educational
content, more testing involving more participants
and a more even distribution of test participants and
better involvement of the teachers as expert
Publication date25 May 2022
Number of pages95
External collaboratorN. Zahles Gymnasium
no name vbn@aub.aau.dk
ID: 471333220