A Lighting Design Concept for the Light Filled Green Room

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Daniel Claes Thiesen
  • Emma Gram Nielsen
4. Term, Lighting Design (Master Programme)
This master thesis investigates how a lighting design concept can positively impact the well-being of elderly people with late-stage dementia in the Light Filled Green Room (LFGR), a space planned for a nursing home in the city of Tune, Denmark. Preliminary research examined dementia, the visual system, and non-visual effects of light. Further research revolved around the WELL Standard, sustainable considerations, a literature review, analysis of the SBI Instructions as well as theoretical knowledge on atmosphere and the benefits of nature. The body of research was used to establish criteria for the lighting design.

Three criteria were developed for the LFGR's lighting design, which include the provision of a circadian lighting system, the use of light to increase fascination of nature and the creation of an atmosphere which facilitates well-being.

A case description and daylight analysis were performed to gain an overall understanding of how natural light affects the LFGR. Then, through the Design Thinking process, an initial lighting design concept was proposed.

The initial design proposal underwent a rigorous evaluation against the established criteria, which culminated in the development of a final design proposal that was designed to meet the unique lighting needs of the LFGR. The final design proposal represents the culmination of a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to lighting design, aimed at providing optimal illumination for the well-being of elderly people with late-stage dementia.

This thesis demonstrates the importance of lighting design to support the well-being of elderly people with late-stage dementia. The findings can be used to guide the design of similar spaces and contribute to the development of lighting design standards for specific healthcare environments.
Publication date24 May 2023
Number of pages114
ID: 530818276