• Maria Genet Drejer-Jensen
This thesis investigates the impact of the Mexico Declaration and Plan of Action on Mexico City’s progression towards sanctuary city status. It examines the role of the Institute for Women in Migration in assisting migrant women in the city and throughout the country. Employing a social constructivist perspective, this research emphasizes the significance of lived experiences, and cultural context in knowledge development, while acknowledging its subjectivity, context-dependency, and how societal norms, beliefs, and values influence it. To address this issue, in-depth expert interviews were conducted with individuals closely involved in migrant protection in Mexico City, respectively representatives from Institute for Women in Migration, and a former employee at the Mexico City municipality. Thus, seeking to explore migrant protection through lived experiences from both the positions of the municipality and service providers. In addition, perspectives from existing literature have been incorporated, identifying contradictions in the Mexican government’s continued pledges of commitment toward protecting and improving the lives of migrants and women in Mexico between 2004 - 2023.
Further, the influence of the United States on Mexican immigration policies and previously mentioned contradictory statements and acts involving corruption, violence, and discrimination are studied. Leading to an emphasis being placed on the importance of critical reflection on our current understanding of both the past and present to seek societal progress and enhance communal well-being based on inclusion and protection for all. Furthermore, parallels are drawn between Mexico City and Toronto, evaluating differences in municipal approaches to incorporating sanctuary practices at the urban level. The thesis argues for the need to integrate a gender perspective into Mexico City’s future sanctuary efforts in migrant protection, to acknowledge the intersectional aspects of the experience of migrant women and emphasize the urgency for the municipality to take a stand against the discriminatory practices performed at the federal level regarding immigration.
Publication date31 May 2023
Number of pages67
ID: 532391799