• Andreas Havmøller Johnsen
  • Gabriel Henriksen Gaspar
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis explores the use of continuous evaluation methods to provide usable player insights into the narrative intelligibility of a narrative-focused video game, Mind Diver, a video game production co-created with other students from various universities and various backgrounds.

With ‘Mind Diver’ as the case study, this thesis proposes a new method of qualitative data collection based on interpretive analysis of player comprehension. Using in-game questioning, we gather data on player comprehension of narratives in real time, along with other qualitative and quantitative data such as 'Narrative Engagement' and 'Continuation Desire'. Furthermore, we explore an artistic use of photogrammetry and how it affected the gameplay and narrative by using the imperfections that come with it and looking at the production process to understand how this was accomplished.

The study found that using an in-game feedback tool helped identify areas where the player would have difficulty understanding the connection between the story and the puzzles. The study also suggests that the in-game questions generally did not negatively impact the narrative engagement. However, the constant requirement for players to answer questions while playing the game seems to indicate that some felt that the constant in-game questions were intrusive and annoying, while others found it helpful to pause and reflect on their choices.

The artistic use of photogrammetry was found to have a positive impact on the game's narrative experience. Additionally, the study also found that using an iPad Pro 12 with the software application PolyCam, was a smart decision for the purposes of our case study, due to the convenience of cloud processing.

Even so, the thesis is mainly exploratory and the findings should be interpreted with caution since reliability and validity are limited.
Publication date2022
External collaboratorDen Danske Filmskole
Thomas-Bo Huusmann thomas@huusmann.com
ID: 471338667