• Iulian Claudiu Puhace
This research starts from the suggested idea that within the supply chain management practices and research is taking place a transition trend from lean production to agile production. The main purpose of this paper is to propose a comprehensive framework to determine the optimal supply chain: lean or agile.
From the literature review a list of determinants used by other researchers is presented and discussed. After that, this paper advocates for a specific framework that is considered and selected as being the most suitable for determining which is the optimal strategy for a supply chain. Considering some faults of the frameworks exposed by the literature review, this paper is adjusting the selected framework by making use of PESTLE analysis and Porter’s generic business strategies. The resulted framework is used then as an instrument to evaluate which strategy fits best the automotive industry. The conclusion is that within the automotive industry, a lean strategy for the supply chain is more appropriate than an agile strategy.
This study theoretically contributes to the development of the SCM field by integrating a strategic choice perspective. The new created framework can assist practitioners in understanding and deciding which supply strategy fits better they supply chain. The framework is an instrument that can easily be adopted to other industries as well.
Publication date9 Aug 2017
Number of pages86
ID: 261389580