• Rekha Ramachandra
  • Poomika Kumarasamy
Both applicants and organizations have high stakes in the outcome of the recruitment process. Stakes are economical and phycological satisfaction needs, especially for applicants. In today's recruitment process the organizations hold power, and the needs of the applicants are ignored because of required resources among other factors. This thesis project describes in the report an in-depth analysis of the recruitment process, its stakeholders' perspectives, and the design of "SmartProfile". The project idea also attracted the interest of Organization X. The historical recruiting data investigation is conducted with real data and technology support from a consultancy company, NTT, who are specialized in SAP SuccessFactors(SF). Besides, the analysis showed the applicants’ concerns about not receiving information during the recruitment process. The outcome of the thesis, a conceptual design of SmartProfile, shows the high potential and the possibility of enhancing transparency between the stakeholders by leveraging historical data, and with no need for the extra resources from the organizations. SmartProfile is an SF service module that can be integrated into the existing SAP SF HR Systems.
Publication date2 Jun 2022
Number of pages120
ID: 472006556