A Children's Hospice

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Peter Hoff
  • Mikkel Poulsen
  • Michael Lund
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
This report describes a fictional project about the design of a children’s hospice located in Perbermosen in Hammer Bakker, Northern Jutland.

The design is developed through the use the integrated design process, which through a holistic approach combined with a series of iterative tests, aims to create a fully integrated design for the future design of a children’s hospice.
Focus lies on creating a health care facility that offers professional palliative care, while facilitating a place for patients and relatives to spend their last time together in a dignifying and comfortable manner.

The rapport addresses design and function through sustainability, neuro aesthetic design parameters, interview with chief of development at Sankt Lukas children’s hospice,Signe Hørlück, and established scientific studies within the field of children’s design, healing and palliative architecture.
The process following the design parameters chosen in the programs leads into the design of a children’s hospice that upholds the requirement needed for it to provide palliative care and sustain the daily routines in the afflicted families. The building upholds the requirements for a zero energy building and constructions standards.

Publication date25 May 2016
Number of pages139
ID: 233936004