• Marianela Tellez Caballero
4. term, Tourism, Master (Master Programme)
In this thesis the Destination Image of Nicaragua perceived by the outbound Danish Travel Agents is investigated. Destination Image, cognitive/perceptual and affective components and the three-dimensional model of Echtner and Ritchie (1991) were used as the theoretical basis of the thesis. Given there is scarce research in relation to the Destination Image of Nicaragua, this thesis was conducted as qualitative exploratory case study. Outbound Danish Travel agents were selected as the unit of analysis, because they are regarded as opinion makers and strongly influence the decision making process of tourist towards tourist destinations. Seven interviews were conducted with six different Travel Agents
The findings shown that the DI of Nicaragua has been conditioned by the war that took place in Nicaragua during the late 70s and 80s.The specific target groups of the Travel Agents have influenced the way the Destination Image of Nicaragua is perceived. Nicaragua is considered as an unknown travel destination, lacking of unique selling points, with a weak and unpopular Destination Image, which is a result of the lack of information about tourism in Nicaragua reaching the Danish audience.
Publication date29 Jul 2016
Number of pages107
ID: 237698689