• Sussie Skaarup Stensnæs
  • Sanne Neumann Beyer
4. term, Service Systems Design, Master (Master Programme)
In collaboration with the Danske Bank this thesis uses an exploratory approach towards identifying consumers needs and pain points in the financial sector. The project revolves around a case of innovating the customer experience within the area of consumer loan when renting an apartment. The thesis has been conducted from the beginning of February to the end of May 2018 as the final project within the master program of Service Systems Design at the Aalborg University Copenhagen.
By using qualitative methods the project has explored the existing service offers and customer experience. Consumers’ needs and pains have been identified and analyzed with the aim to innovate the Danske Bank’s current service offer when renting an apartment, and the need for a loan that emerges along with that particular situation. Several actors have been included in the
process with regards to the interviews and the workshop. The needs and pains of the consumers were the foundation from where new ideas for innovation and optimization could rise. Through an ideation workshop with employees from the Danske Bank and our own ideation session five ideas were created which after a feedback session were developed to seven recommendations to the Danske Bank. The recommendations aim at lifting the customer experience by making information easily accessible and improve the financial knowledge of the customers - thus providing tools that can help the DB customer to help themselves, be present in new channels and turn negative pain points to positive by making changes early in the journey.
Keywords: Service design, financial sector, bank, customer experience, consumer needs and pain points, boundary object.
Publication date31 May 2018
Number of pages164
ID: 280223188