• Emmely Urth Staghøj
  • Signe Kjær Jensen
4. term, Urban Design, Master (Master Programme)
This master thesis takes its point of departure through a frustration with the contemporary way and mindset of urban development with an ambition to challenge these. With a vision of exemplifying better development with a new use of and respect for nature the design proposal presented in this thesis has been formed. A Better, Greener Tomorrow challenges this mindset through a development proposal for the island, Egholm, located in Limfjorden between Aalborg and Nørresundby in Northern Jutland, as an alternative to the suggested highway plans across the island.

The framework of utopian thinking has been the main approach in the initial work of the project which has allowed a critical step back from the current state of affairs on Egholm and a look at the potentials of the island with a neutral eye. As a result, nature has been identified as one of the main potentials of the island and therefore has been fixed at the first priority and determining factor throughout the iterative design development.

The design proposal has been developed in two scales presenting respectively Egholm Naturpark and Øbyen, working from the overall concept of intertwining and rebalancing human and nature. This design proposal for Egholm states an example on how to challenge the mindset of contemporary development, prioritising nature and sustainability as core values in order to secure an alternative way of living and a better future.
Publication date13 Jun 2022
Number of pages152
ID: 471216139