• Dann Sandgreen
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
4K is an image resolution four times higher than the current 2K standard in cinema projection and considered the next natural step in line of the current transfer from analogue to digital projection in Scandinavian cinemas. Upgrading the current movie production pipelines to support the 4K format requires the purchase of a lot of expensive equipment, but the primary obstacle in upgrading to 4K is not only the price. The experts of the movie industry doubt the demand it will be able to generate and in order to justify the immediate upgrade to 4K a demand for it must be present also. The outcome of this case study contradicts the professional predictions of the interviewed experts from the Scandinavian movie industry. From the results of this case study it is evident that a focused promotion of 4K could generate a public demand and that the average cinemagoers proven ability to appreciate the quality enhancement will justify the money spent on upgrading the movie production pipeline to support the format.
Publication date27 May 2010
Number of pages151
Publishing institutionAalborg University Copenhagen


ID: 31968307