• David Rasmussen Fibiger
  • Simon Christian Munk Sørensen
5. term (INF5), Informatics, Bachelor (Bachelor Programme)
Search engines as Google are used by most people on an everyday basis. This report will investigate if it is possible to improve search engines using visual effects and film techniques.
The problem is introduced and a prototype called 3D Search is developed for testing purposes.
A test is conducted using an eye tracker and a survey was completed by the test participants. The test data is then analyzed in regards to search engine speed, video feedback and survey responds.
The data is presented in the data chapter. Afterwards it is discussed and found to be valid and fairly useful.
It is concluded that it is possible to create a search engine prototype using the fore mentioned techniques. The test data shows that, speed wise Google is faster in most cases. However logos and flags give 3D Search some advantages.
Publication date17 Dec 2010
Number of pages53
ID: 42460923