• Mads Kousted
  • Kristian Holmeå Grosen
  • Sean Lukas Treichel
4. semester, Sports Technology (cand.tech.), Master (Master Programme)
Purpose: A 2-Dimensional collision and flight model was developed, to investigate the stroke parameters on successful serves regarding different physiological capabilities. Method: The investigation was carried out using a 2-Dimensional forward dynamics simulation by computing a collision and flight model. Results: Main findings were the optimum impact angles regarding spin rate of 36◦, 35◦ and 34◦ for professional, recreational and junior. The optimum impact angle could be achieved at multiple racket face angles across all three players. Additionally, impact angles larger than optimum resulted in an accelerated velocity decrease. Conclusions: Almost similar impact angles, considering the physiological differences between the players, will make it simple for players and coaches to implement high spin rates for topspin serves.
Publication date1 Jun 2021
Number of pages39
ID: 413420954