WiFi 3G Share

Studenteropgave: Professionsbachelor

  • Henning Gørtz Hørstrup
  • Thomas Skinner-Larsen
7. semester, Datateknik og IT, Diplomingeniør (Diplomuddannelse)
The purpose of this project is to design and develop a platform for discovering and distributing services between mobile phones in an ad hoc network. The effectiveness of the platform is depending of the number of active participants. On the other hand, a high number of active participants would result possibility of additional discoveries made by the participants which increases the total energy consumed on the network. For such a platform a prototype is build. The prototype is based on preliminary demands, deployment and activity diagrams which are analyzied and designed on basis of UML 2.0. The working environments are Symbian S60 on the Nokia N95 8GB phones. The programming language used for developing the platform is Python for s60. The functionality of the prototype platform is verified in the test chapter, and further more an analysis of the platform regarding how much energy the implemented software for the mobile phones is consuming with reactive or proactive communication. The prototype platform is working according to what is analysied and designed, it is possible to discover and distribute services between mobile phones.
Udgivende institutionElectronic Systems
ID: 19051564