• Valeria Giber
4. semester, Europæiske Studier, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
This thesis attempts to illuminate the Sino-European relationship in the area of energy resources and consumption. Current events show China and the European Union working together more and more closely in energy management. I try to find the reasons for this and summarize the interests behind the cooperation. Political rapport cannot exist between two great powers without “common good”; while they may not benefit equally, certainly neither suffers from their relations. I try to present the evolution of their interaction from the beginning. I examine this issue from the perspective of the European Union. By analyzing the history of their energy consumptions, the current energy situations and the development of their relationship, I address the main question: What are the reasons for the closer and closer energy dialogues between the European Union and China? Its sub-question concerns the particular motivations of the European Community for changing its energy policy and turning to China: what are the goals behind its strategy? Why has the European Union changed its energy policy so that it now regards China as one of its main partners in the energy issues? I use two famous theories, Realism and Neo -Liberalism, as tools of my analysis to examine the relation between security and interdependence concerning the EU-China cooperation. I focus on oil, gas and coal, fossil fuels whose value is rising as reserves diminish. After analyzing the EU’s and China’s energy policy according to the elements of Realism and Neo-Liberalism I draw conclusions from the findings discovered during my research. We can see that 2006 was a milestone in the EU –China relationship. By that time both the EU and China had realized the necessity of their higher level corporation because of their common political and economic interests. These interests are for example the pressure of the USA, the shift of the world economic center from West to Asia, the common energy operation fields, the dropping amount of energy sources and China gains legitimacy. I have chosen this subject not only because of the importance of energy issues, but also because of the great effect of such issues on international policy. In the process of my research I did not find any essays addressing this particular segment of the EU-China energy cooperation in adequate depth.
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Udgivende institutionAalborg University
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