• Mette Kronborg Laursen
  • Jette Baand Christensen
  • Helgi Rafn Hallsson-Elhauge
The new and exciting possibilities, that have become available with VR, when it comes to education, seem endless. But how can teachers implement VR technology as an educational tool? And can it help bring students closer to a better understanding of the connection between theory and practice?

This master project focuses on teachers in the Vocational educations in Denmark, as the authors wish to examine which pedagogical and didactic guidelines, the teachers should employ, to give their students an opportunity to make use of the theories from the classroom in their practice in their company internship. The theoretical focus is on the teachers’ digital literacy, and how it affects the teachers’ use of digital technologies in their teaching.

The project is a design-based research, where a group of teachers learn to use a new VR-software called Xpandr, where 360-degree videos are embedded in a set of PICO VR-glasses. The teachers decide where the video sequences are filmed, and they stitch these films together to a VR-experience. The teachers can choose where and when they embed hotspots, questions etc. and therefore direct the students through the VR-experience. This development process is guided by a facilitator - an ICT-consultant - who has developed didactic guidelines for this learning experience. The validity of these guidelines will be tested, as the teachers develop their own VR-experience with a topic of their own choice and afterwards test on their students.

This project is meant to shed light on how the teachers can embed the technology in the Vocational educations, and which measurements the educational organizations should implement to support the development of the VR-experiences.

The teachers were interviewed before, during and after the development of their VR-experience. Furthermore, the students, who tested the VR-experience, were interviewed afterwards, to shed light on the students’ general experience in the VR-universe, and especially if they experience better connection between theory and practice.
Udgivelsesdato2 jun. 2021
Antal sider129
ID: 413545236