VERA Betaversion

Studenteropgave: Master afgangsprojekt

  • Birgitte Toft Søndergaard Jensen
  • Joan Kristensen
  • Michael Bang Jensen
  • Nina Sahner Hansen
This master thesis is the third and last report, documenting the work and process we have gone through to develop this, our first interactive prototype of a geoinformation communication system, called VERA. The name VERA is a contraction of the name of the Danish electric utility corporation, Verdo Randers El-net. Verdo Randers El-net is the case corporation of our project. We have looked into the work processes in which the corporation uses geodata, and we figured outthat we could help the corporation take a digital developing step, by putting all data used for low voltage cable box inspections into the geoinformation communication system, VERA. Thereby we would make the cable box inspection task digital but we would also join separately stored geodata into one database. The work with developing VERA culminated with a prototype test where some of the employees at Verdo Randers El-net tested VERA, as if they were doing a cable box inspection.
Our project started autumn year 2012 where we started out with investigating what dis-satisfactions we met in our daily work with geodata and which we expected, we could help solve within the professional framework of this master education. It turned out, that we all experienced that the geodata, geoinformation, and the communication environment was unstructured and hence did put a halt to using geodata as an information source in yet more contexts, than was already the case.
In the second half of the project we worked with a wide spectrum of methods for ana-lyzing which gave insight into how we might get support for developing and the later use of VERA, we collected knowledge of the way the users act e.g. when doing cable box in-spections, how we could manage the content and design of VERA, etc. Altogether all these analyses made up the foundation of the VERA developing process.
As overall tools/models to manage the VERA developing project and structure our knowledge we used the Communication model (Samtalemodellen), the Dissatisfaction model (Utilfredshedsmodellen, the Informationdesign model (Informationsdesignmodel-len), and the Bingo model (Bankoplademodellen).
Udgivelsesdato9 jan. 2014
Antal sider218
ID: 174121533