Vejen mod bedre undervisning via videokonference

Studenteropgave: Master afgangsprojekt

  • Per Hjul Mouritzen
This master project inquiries the pedagogical challenges that the use of videoconference (VC) poses to university teachers. It designs, implements and analyses some changes that could contribute to face the challenges. The thesis is inspired in design-based research, which is a methodology that allows identifying problems that require some experimentation and analysis of the implementation with the purpose of producing new evidence-based designs. The thesis is structured around the four phases of the design-based research process. In the first phase the pedagogical problems of the use of VC are identified in relation to the experience of the use of VK at Aalborg University and to existing literature on the topic. In the second phase the theoretical frame on which the design builds is presented, and the proposal for design of interventions tried in a short collaboration with a university teacher are exposed. In the third phase the implementation of the design is described, as well as the choices for the documentation of the process of implementation. The documentation material consisted in video-observations of 18 hours of teaching, and it was complemented with informal conversations with the teacher and participating students. In the fourth phase the material is analysed using the theories presented. The project concludes and presents some new possibilities for implementation, among others the construction of a homepage for teachers.
Udgivelsesdato28 maj 2012
Antal sider41
ID: 63408924