• Ana Paulina Ocampo Caballero
Urban scholars around the world are mainly concerned with ongoing political, economic and urban transformations that emerge from neoliberalization processes. However, most of these theoretical interpretations of contemporary urban restructuring have been developed based on the Global North context, specifically Europe and North America. Much less attention has been paid to the different political-economic and spatial transformations that have unfolded from neoliberalization processes in countries of the Global South, where most of the urbanization in the twenty-first century is taking place. The main concern of this thesis is to address the importance of studying the multiscalar impacts of Neoliberalism in Mexico, a country located in the southern region of Latin America that has been largely influenced by a neoliberal regime for more than four decades.
Some results of an analysis made of the neoliberal influences at different geographical scales, national, metropolitan, and local, in Mexico are presented and discussed. The issues investigated concern the changes in the economic geographies across the national territory, the manifestation of multiple mechanisms of neoliberal localization at the metropolitan scale (Guadalajara Metropolitan Area), and the emergence of spatial expressions of inequality at the local scale since the rise of Neoliberalism in Mexico.
Results confirm that the influence of Neoliberalization has manifested at different geographical scales in Mexico, and that Mexican cities have indeed become strategic areas in which several neoliberal initiatives have been articulated. But also, some particularities of the Mexican case obtained from the results reveal patterns that are characteristic from the historic, cultural, economic, and social context of this region. This clearly raises the necessity to continue developing empirical and theoretical studies that contribute to the academic knowledge on this field, specifically from the Global South perspective.
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