• Nneka Patricia Nwatu
4. semester, Socialt Arbejde og Velfærd, Nordisk kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
Parents of children with disabilities encounter additional challenges in raising their children and frequently endure higher levels of burden and stress than parents of children without disabilities. While several studies have examined what these parents go through, few have examined their strategies to overcome these challenges. This phenomenological study aimed to investigate the challenges and strategies for coping involved in raising children with disabilities in Enugu State, Nigeria. Three parents from Enugu state, Nigeria, whose children had been diagnosed with disabilities, participated in the study. The participants were chosen via purposive sampling. This study employed an inductive qualitative method and an in-depth semi-structured interview guide to collect data from three parents raising children with disabilities. Thematic analysis was utilized to analyze the interview data, which was organized into themes and sub-themes. The study additionally draws on two theoretical frameworks: Coping theory and Ecological system theory, which both provide vital insights into how humans adapt and act but approach the subject from viewpoints that differ. This is done within a phenomenological research framework that investigates the subjective experiences and meanings parents attach to their lived experiences, perceptions of the challenges they face, and coping strategies.
Furthermore, the study found that parents face challenges raising children with disabilities. These challenges include emotional stress, financial pressure, social detachment, and societal construction and attitude. However, these parents have established various coping strategies such as recognizing and embracing their child's disability, having a silver lining mindset, faith in the divinity, and relationships within the social community. However, the study highlights how a collaborative action combining healthcare systems, social work professionals, lawmakers, and parents might enhance and strengthen existing coping methods. This collaborative approach strives to assist parents in maintaining their well-being as they care for their children.
Udgivelsesdato12 jun. 2023
Antal sider1.942
ID: 534289539