• Jørgen Wiwel
  • Palle Dam Leegaard
4. semester, Politik og Administration, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
This master thesis is based on care and soft values in the public health system. The Danish hospitals are under increasing amount of pressure from two sides, one of which is demanding improved efficiency, and the other increased focus on soft values. The force of this pressure is visible within areas such as changing patient cultures, development in patient unions and their influence on politics, among others. As such, the Minister of the Interior and Health, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, has been a part of developing the national strategy for quality development in health care services, wherein it is made clear that the soft values must be made subjects for focused quality development. This is also reflected in Den Danske Kvalitetsmodel, where work is carried out in order to develop standards for accreditation of the soft values. This pressure has, among other things, influenced Aalborg Sygehus to commence a specific research focused around care. Based on this, this master thesis seeks to answer the following formulation of the problem: Which challenges are involved with carrying out a specific care effort at Aalborg Sygehus? In order to obtain knowledge necessary to answer the master thesis’s formulation of the problem, the following study question has been formulated: How is it possible to construct an evaluation frame capable of estimating how the individual research projects in various departments at Aalborg Sygehus works, compared to the goals of the efforts? The master thesis is as such focused on developing an evaluation frame for the research efforts, while at the same time collecting information necessary to answer the formulation of the problem. Specifically, the evaluation frame is based on the realistic evaluation model, where the focus is on the processes and results of the efforts at department level. Methodically, a number of informant interviews with six advanced nurse practitioners have been conducted, among other things. In addition, assumptions about results have been tested against a pilot project, within which two informant interviews were done. Based on this an evaluation frame for the research efforts has been made, wherein matching criteria form the basis for being able to carry out a joint evaluation of the efforts, when these are completed in 2010. This master thesis concludes that the care effort at Aalborg Sygehus contains a number of challenges and conditions on both the structural level in the completion of the effort as well as on the organizational level regarding internal and external pressure. The challenge is to meet these conditions in order to make it possible to develop the care and soft values at Aalborg Sygehus.
Udgivende institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 12901653