• Rasmus Weis Moeslund
Human-induced climate change will lead to more
frequent and intense extreme events setting urban
populations at risk from climate change (CC). Therefore,
climate change adaptation (CCA) is necessary to respond
to the increased risk of CC. In Frederiksberg, Denmark,
ambitious CCA strategies have been developed to
accommodate future extreme precipitation events.
However, these strategies have a static character making
them vulnerable to the uncertainties associated with CC.
On this basis, the following research question has been
investigated: 􀍞H􀅽􀇁 ca􀅶 a 􀆐􀆚􀆌a􀆚eg􀇇 f􀅽􀆌 CCA be de􀇀el􀅽􀆉ed
which meets short terms adaptation goals while being
sufficiently robust and flexible to keep options open for
future actions or shifts in strategy to accommodate
f􀆵􀆚􀆵􀆌e 􀆌i􀆐k􀍍􀍟. The research investigates the utilization of
elements from the concept of Dynamic Adaptive Policy
Pathways (DAPP) to promote dynamic CCA strategies
based on Frederiksberg’s Rainwater Plan which is
currently under development. A risk assessment has
been performed of a case area to understand both the
current and future local risks. Additionally, potential CCA
measures have been mapped and subsequently assessed
in relation to their physical suitability. The suitable
measures have then been assessed based on a multicriteria
analysis (MCA) through the utilization of criteria
which represent the context of planning under deep
uncertainty. On this basis, adaptation pathways have
been developed which both have a significant short-term
effect and have a character that ensures that the
measures will not lose their value under unpredicted
future climatic conditions or in case of shifts in strategy
to new measures. On this basis, it can be derived, that
the investigated approach to dynamic CCA is suitable to
create a systematic approach for dynamic CCA planning.
However, the actual facilitation of a DAPP-process must
include wide participation of stakeholders to strengthen
the MCA and to ensure an embeddedness of the strategy
in the relevant organizations.
Udgivelsesdato3 jun. 2022
Antal sider107
Ekstern samarbejdspartnerFrederiksberg Forsyning
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