Tornby Hospice - A Place in the Dune Plantation: A Place in the Dune Plantation

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Kristian Andersen
  • Wladyslaw Cervio Pelech Monagas
  • Christian Schmidt Gundersen
4. semester, Arkitektur (cand.polyt.), Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
A project created by MSc04 2019 group 11 at Aalborg University, Architecture & Design. This master thesis is oriented on creating a hospice located in Tornby Klitplantage, Denmark. The raw and beautiful nature in the area of Tornby Klitplantage is a key factor in the development of the project. The project introduces a hospice day center as an integrated part of the hospice, thus creating a hospice for the future with more focus on providing palliative care as an ambulatory option. The design is characterized by its close relation to nature, a sense of homeliness and a tranquil atmosphere and emphasizes the importance of working with the senses as a design parameter in hospice architecture.
Udgivelsesdato23 maj 2019
Antal sider242
ID: 303927734