• Anders Wahlgreen Adelskov
4. semester, Kommunikation, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
Taking point of departure in the Danish corporation ATP, this Master Thesis seeks to investigates how autocommunicative employer branding initiatives influence organisational identity.

ATP is divided into two main areas/pillars of business. One deals with pensions and investments. The other deals with the administration of public means. Despite of the division of businesses, one of the main values within the company remains being “one ATP” emphasising the value of succeeding together. It is with regard to this aspect that I investigate how autocommunicative employer branding initiatives influence the vision concerning “one ATP” among employees.

The theoretical framework of the thesis is centered around CCO, autocommunication, a fragmented and constructivist understanding of culture as well as Hatch and Schultz´ (2002) view on organisational identity and the dynamic interplay between identity, image and culture.

The study is based on interviews with seven employees from around the organisation. The employees were introduced to five specific posts from ATP’s Facebook and LinkedIn profiles during the conversations. Through their answers, I investigate how the employees identify themselves with posts published by ATP on social media platforms.

Based on the framework, I find that the vision concerning ”one ATP” gets challenged in relation to the autocommunicative employer branding initiatives. I find that the respondents gives words to distinction within the organisation with regards to area of business, profession and geographical locations. In other words, I find that posts from the social media predominantly lack in setting the ground for identification among the employees in ATP.

Empirical data:
● Five posts from the Facebook and LinkedIn profile of ATP
● Seven interviews with employees from different parts of the organisation
● Articles from the intranet of ATP

“Employer branding”. “Organisational identity”. “Autocommunication”. “CCO”. “Corporate communication”. “Fragmented culture”.
Udgivelsesdato31 maj 2018
Antal sider64
ID: 280181483