Time Stamps, En extension til Twitch: Time Stamps, En extension til Twitch

Studenteropgave: Speciale (inkl. HD afgangsprojekt)

  • Peter Tobias Stok Thorup
4. semester, Digitalisering og applikationsudvikling (Kandidatuddannelse)
The purpose of this project is to explore the possibilities of creating a business based on ‘highlights’ from a streamers previous streaming session. This project will investigate if streamers and viewers on Twitcht.tv, are interested in a ‘highlight’ feature to the previous streaming sessions more engaging and accessible. This project will investigate how value is generated through the usage of the product and how the products growth will spread among the users. This project will explore how a new product potentially can earn revenue.
This study employs different methods from agile literature. The goal of this study is to gain an understanding of the early stages of a startup, and how a startup can develop and test a product. This project will create its Leap of Faith Assumptions, from The Lean Startup.
The Leap of Faith Assumptions will then be methodically tested, through the tools of The Startup Owner’s Manual. A Minimum Viable Product (MVP), will be constructed for the purpose of the test.
The respondents will during the test be shown the MVP, and from there, qualitative and quantitative data will help to further development of the project. The questionnaire was designed, but not pre-tested, before it was distributed to two World of Warcraft focused Discords. The survey received, n=52. To gain an understanding of the project’s problem and solution, the data will be put into a Configuration Table. This project will do a Value Capture Pivot in where the project will reflect how potential Future Scenarios can change the usage of the product, in terms of Value proposition and Revenue streams.
The findings from the test show that most of the respondents have been active as viewers for more than three years, and most streamers, have been streaming on the platform for one year. The results indicate that software features, where streamers can ‘highlight’ events on their previous streaming session, could benefit both streamers and viewers. The results indicate that both streamers and viewers could benefit from a ‘highlight’ feature in various genres of videogames.
During recent years, live streaming has seen a steady increase in terms of popularity.
The streaming platform Twitch.tv is one of the biggest contesters on the live streaming market.
On Twitch, streamers can upload their old streaming sessions, for their viewers to see.
Unfortunately, viewers are having little to no interest in watching the streamers old streaming session, due to the duration of the sessions. This study will investigate how a feature can make those streaming sessions easier accessible for streamers and viewers.
Udgivelsesdato10 jun. 2020
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