The workplace as a learning space

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Nanna Müller Schneider
4. semester, Industrielt Design, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
The company Edvantage group is creating e-learning (computer-enhanced learning) for new employees in the convenience chain store 7-eleven. The problem faced in this task is that the new employees have no motivation for the work because they only see it as a temporary job. The main problem as seen in this project however is that e-learning is an isolated structure, only including a computer and an individual and it covers only theoretical learning. Furthermore through interviews it became clear that store managers use time to teach the new employee, and a communication tool is needed to communicate with others at work. Because of the isolated structure of e-learning the project focus was to find an alternative learning situation to motivate the employees to be more involved in their work. To find an alternative the concept of the workplace as a learning space was explored. The concept says that to be in a place of reflective learning, both the theoretical and the practical knowledge has to be explored. And when these two comes together, competence is gained by the employee. To reach the state of reflective learning the e-learning situation needs a supporting structure. In this project, the workplace becomes part of the structure and provides the information needed for employees to learn. The service designed around this concept offers learning to the employee through well known elements. The information the workplace provides goes through a PDA (personal digital assistant) and offers two types of information. The functional information is about products and things physically in the store. This was derived from an observation in a 7-eleven store, this to see where in the store this information is given. The practical information including learning about 7-eleven and a 7-eleven community where communication can happen between all actors involved in 7-eleven: 7-eleven headquarters, employees and store managers. Other social communities were explored to create a community relating to something the employee knows from their personal life. This also led to some terms of use, to control the misuse of the community. The solution is a service containing different aspects of working in a 7-eleven stores. It offers different types of opportunities to learn about these aspects. The 7-eleven employees can learn about the physical aspect of 7-eleven through the workplace that directly provides information about products in store. All learning surrounding 7-eleven and its identity also happens through the workplace, but indirectly. It is through information uploaded to the PDA given by actors involved in the store. By giving the employees more options, and allowing them to learn in their own pace by using elements they know, they are motivated to get involved in their job and develop personal and professional skills that can be used later in life.
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