• Malene Hosbond
4. semester, Kommunikation, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
The objective of this Master thesis is to understand how Team Building is folded in practice when it is enacted as an entanglement (a between) of the event company and consultancy Uhrehøje’s practices, facilities and location, the Apparatus of Material Storytelling, 6 elementary school teachers, 2 instructors and a Master thesis and what implications it has for the parties of the between.

Team Building is a key concept to grasp when changing organizations through staff development. This thesis reconfigurates the event company and consultancy Uhrehøje’s Team Building practice through the practice of Co-operative Inquiry by John Heron and Peter Reason and the use of Anete Strand’s (2012) Apparatus of Material Storytelling. Apparatus of Material Storytelling has been developed on the basis of Stories of space inspired by Fengshui, Stories of bodies inspired by Bodynamic and Stories of artefacts inspired by Sandplay. Material Storytelling has among other things emerged through a diffraction of Agential realisms (Barad) onto-epistemological mindset; being-of-the-world.

An event is organized with 6 elementary school teachers from 10. Klassecenter Vesthimmerland, who participate in a Team Building session which is facilitated by two instructors. Because of changed team structures in their organization they saw the Team Building session as an opportunity to get into the forest and have a nice day with a lot of different input to their teamwork.

Through a multimodal constitutive analysis (Højgaard, Søndergaard) the thesis grasps the folding of the Team Building through selecting three Team Building exercises and thereby being able to analyze three of the teachers’ dis/continuous becoming processes.

As this theoretical context defines the concept of team as an entanglement of all the constituting elements, we have to define team as not only the people interacting, but the bodies, artifacts and spaces they interact (intra-act) with, as well. In that perspective, Team Building has become an apparatus for understanding how a staff member is folded/refolded professionally and personally in a vital between.
Udgivelsesdato25 apr. 2014
Antal sider79
Ekstern samarbejdspartnerUhrehøje
Bjørn Jacobsen bjorn@uhrehoje.dk
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