• Cathrine Lyngholm Klattrup
4. semester, Psykologi, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
Background: Every day, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of men, visit social media sites in search of wisdom and understanding about what it means to be a male in the 21st century. Purpose: This study investigates popular and influential social media phenomenon Andrew Tate’s discursive construction of reality through his public utterances, and how he uses this discourse to convince young men to adopt his worldview. Research methods: This is a qualitative study on the foundation of three YouTube videos containing hourlong material of Andrew Tate’s utterances. To analyze the data, the study used a reflexive thematic analysis approach with a focus on critical discourse analysis. Furthermore, the study used Hegemonic Masculinity Theory, Conspiracy Theory and Social Cognitive Theory of Gender Development and Differentiation to elaborate the underlying mechanisms at stake. Themes: (1) This is what is wrong with the world containing subthemes: (1a) De-humanizing women, and (1b) Undermining men to recruit them; and (2) This is how the Real World is and should be containing subthemes: (2a) The Real World, and (2b) The Savior. Conclusion: The discourse that social media phenomenon Andrew Tate constructs through his public utterances reveals a narrative that supports harmful gender norms, reinforces male superiority, and manipulates young men to adopt his illusion of a reality where he possesses expert knowledge about the functioning of the world and how to save it from the oppression of humankind. By utilizing enactive experience, modeling, and direct tuition, he reinforces his appeals to the inner desires and insecurities of young men, effectively leveraging their existential and social motives to compel them to follow his controversial and conspiracy-laden worldview.
Udgivelsesdato1 jun. 2023
Antal sider42
ID: 532475962