• Emilia Anna Katariina Hämäläinen
4. semester, Turisme, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
Objective for this research was to find out if Finnish millennials´ decision making for their travel choices and behavior are influenced by sustainability factors.
It is important to start with the basic every day sustainable acts, for example if they are recycling or using bikes instead of cars, to proceed finding out if this behavior follows them to their decisions. The choice of transportation is taken into consideration, what motivates them to choose their way of traveling. Is there behind a concern about climate change and other transportation methods are favored because of that.

The theoretic framework for this research has been built around understanding what tourism is and what sustainability in tourism means, as well climate change effect and tourism in Finland are introduced.
Understanding factors which impact on traveler’s behavior are essential part of the theoretical part of the research and helping to understand how people are basing on their decisions. In order to get more detailed answers, qualitative method has been used in this research. Ten Finnish millennials have been interviewed through semi-structured interviews. The purpose for the empirical part is to analyze the importance of sustainability for Finnish millennials behavior through the theoretical framework. Also, how the knowledge of sustainability impacts on the decision making process and what are the reasons which guide their decisions are being analyzed.

The analysis showed that the interviewees have positive attitude towards sustainability, but their travel planning is not impacted by sustainable factors. The behavior at home and at their travel destination can be seen environmental friendly, but sustainable behavior is still lacking when traveling to the destination.
Udgivelsesdato5 jan. 2020
ID: 318930731